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    Look out California Pyro's comming

    hanford! come to hanford! just get off i5 and head east towards visalia and it'll take you straight here hehe :)
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    ATI vs Nvidia

    hell my e8400 would get to 4.42 but that was really pushing air cooling to the limits at the time. now it's an i5 750, at 4.1ghz. i vote ATI, but own Nvidia. at the time of purchase, a gtx 260 for $145 was a massive steal, so i chose it over the 4870 i had been looking at. these new 5850's make...
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    WTB: green or red custom laser build

    Originally was looking to build a kit from Jayrob but just have too much on the plate :) i'm looking for anything from 100-250mw, red or green, preferably a small build, cr2's or something like that. budget is ~$110
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    CUSTOM PHR @ 111mA ---SOLD---

    Re: CUSTOM PHR @ 111mA For Sale interested. how is the beam divergence?
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    Computer Parts Anybody?

    Excellent seller, very expedited shipping ;) highly recommended
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    FS: Mini Green Kit! SCHWEET!

    lol. yeah i meant what would an entire build cost shipped to the door. but ok. this module: DealExtreme: $33.33 100mW 532nm Green Laser Module (3V 11.9mm) would fit into your mini green kit without modifying the module itself? or would i still need to use the other kit? and then, i would...
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    FS: Mini Green Kit! SCHWEET!

    really sorry if it's been asked already, but how much would this kit+a few DX batteries+one of those single chargers+like a 50mw greenie cost? sorry im just stretched on time. if someone could give me a guess it'd be much appreciated.
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    Computer Parts Anybody?

    understand completely lol :) yeah ill do $30
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    Computer Parts Anybody?

    sorry for the crappy quality. not pictured is the 3-way on-off switch and the 9v from wall plug. the driver itself can handle from 9 to 38v according to its maker, with proper heat dissipation that is. changing output is very easy to fine-tune.
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    Computer Parts Anybody?

    actually i DO have one more thing to offer. i have a functioning 200mw laser that needs a new power source (formerly an RC car battery, or 8AA's in a radioshack box.) it overheated whilst charging a few weeks ago and the aixis module has gone bad for sure. but the driver works perfectly, and...
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    Computer Parts Anybody?

    the e6550 :)
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    Computer Parts Anybody?

    been years since i actually logged on here, but i couldn't help but checking out the cpu's its a conroe, so 65nm, 65w tdp, 4m cache, socket 775. a comparable processor today is the e3300, which has less cache, but higher clockspeed, lower real tdp, fsb, 45nm, and overclocks MUCH better...
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    Why isnt my laser burning

    lol woolazer read the rest of the posts before posting hahaha
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    Shiny, Sparkly, and Stupid ? :-P

    lmao ;D
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    About Downtime

    yea good to see lpf back lol :) at the above post, why do you want the attatchments limited? do you have an old monitor, or slow internet speed?