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    FS waterproof O-Like 400mW 405nm

    nahhh still waiting for some bidders.. then we wid again... besides its a rare 405nm :)
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    FS waterproof O-Like 400mW 405nm

    hmmmm i can go for more.. but I will wait for the others first... lets see if they can catch my final bid.. :)
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    FS waterproof O-Like 400mW 405nm

    i go bid for $110 and I will shoulder the shipping here to the Philippines :)
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    SOLD: 1.2W Blue Hotlights ($110)

    Re: FS: 1.2W Blue Hotlights ($110) - One still available I am interested... $120 Dollars right plus how much is the shipping going to the Philippines using (EMS or DHL) btw, if you will include 2 rechargeable batteries how much will it be? Please PM me sir..
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    FS: Yobresal 1.2W 445nm - $130

    I am interested... Let me know how much this cost if shipped in the Philippines using EMS Shipping?
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    FS waterproof O-Like 400mW 405nm

    i want to know where is the location of the seller? ASIA, US or AUS? please let me know.
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    [WTB] Complete build 445nm Laser

    For Clarification I'd rather buy a 500mw 445nm because its easy to enjoy it... and its worth for me to evade the Philippine restrictions for Laser Pointers. 1Watt lasers are being confiscated. Besides the 500mw is enough for my use... @Daguin If it can be powered by a cr123 battery better...
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    [WTB] Complete build 445nm Laser

    Hi guys, Long time no see, I am looking for a 350mW 445nm Laser and a 500mW 445nm laser that can be shipped here in the philippines via EMS Priority. Please let me know know some prices I will be paying via Western Union. Thanks! GLENN if you are still here please PM me.. JayRob please PM...
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    Trading this one

    Hello LPF, It has been a long time since I was here.. Anyway, I am trading this Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit which I got as an Award as a Microsoft MVP for Windows 7. I am not using this since I have 3 installers too. I am planning to trade this one.. please give me your best offer. I...
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    TechNet Account

    well guys after months and weeks that i was gone. I was so busy with my work here in the Philippines, I just passed the MCTS Certification for Windows 7 and Sharepoint 2007. Now I got a TechNet account and can enjoy installing windows 7 and office 2010. I will be gone againd.. thanks MFO for...
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    O-like frontpage is too cheap

    guys Susie is cute :P better visit o-like and see for your self :P
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    Gatlin 100mW green laser from O-like review

    well for me guys i had been a buyer from o-like since last year and i have a total of many orders too. all i can say is that when there is a defective laser I shipped it with care, I will make sure that i will not lost the defective laser by keeping a track record of the delivery from our post...
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    Question about a 9v dv adaptor

    well guys thanks for the answer but apparently i tried using the adaptor on my guitar gadget. It was a Behringer BDI-21 V-TONE (BASS) sadly i tried adjusting the switch for the polarity tried everything the adaptor is not working with my gadget. then when i use a normal 9v alkaline battery the...
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    Girl on the forums.

    welcome to the forum girl.. Greetings from the Philippines! Enjoy your stay here and keep the love growing! Godspeed!! :)
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    Question about a 9v dv adaptor

    im trying to power my guitar gadget it needs a 9vdc 100mA.. but i got a 2000mA one