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    Recent experience with lazerer

    RIFLE 445nm - 1.5W Focusable Blue Laser Pointer the 1.5W (1588mw on certificate) blue one with lens kit. It is very cool, beam visible anywhere but direct sunlight, burns through most things that aren't white and hurts like a bitch when you get hit by it (had to know what it felt like haha)...
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    Recent experience with lazerer

    Compared to some of the stories I've read from other people ordering lazerer, mine could be classified as an express order.:crackup:
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    Recent experience with lazerer

    9/16 - Order placed 9/17 - Not showing up in order history, emailed Max (heard he was very slow to respond if he even got around to it). Got a reply within a half hour that it might take a few days. 9/19 - Processing 9/30 - Still processing, emailed Max again to see if it is out of stock, or...
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    1.5W laser safety with effects lens

    I know many people here are militant supporters of eye safety so I will begin by saying that I am not a moron and would never attempt to use a device even 1% this powerful without goggles. This question is purely out of curiosity since I have no idea what to expect and I'm sure others have...
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    Lasers with effects lens?

    I have recently been introduced to the world of high powered lasers and am enthralled. I would like to buy a green laser in the power range of 100-200mW. I would really like if it came with interchangeable heads that produce various effects (dot, line, galaxy) etc. to entertain people. The...