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  • Hello will

    I tried to contact you but no responce trough normal email. So i decided to it this way. Could you send me a quote for 25 lenses of the 405g2 lenses send to

    Thanks ,

    Johan bernardus aka edison
    From brightlight laser equipment
    the netherlands
    Green diodes are out. They are lower in power than most here would want, and higher cost. Example: 50mW green diode at $300. Also higher current: 100mA Obviously not for a burning pointer, but a rugged diode NOT DPSS and some may want that for other projects- my OEM customers do!
    ok, thanks. I thought you had some insite into price that were lower than the parts houses.
    No, I said the part number for both Arrays are easy to get, as there are 2 different Arrays although similar. The price listed was from a national parts center which is frankly a joke. Going through a wholesaler would be much cheaper for sure; heck a whole complete project doesn't cost anywhere near that. If you have a commercial account Casino can help you using the part numbers I've given.
    they are at the factory. I wanted to show what was coming. I am not planning to sell single units. I don't want to buy, nor sell $1500 diodes. I want to get an order for 100 pcs for all my customers, then 1K.
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