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    Sci-Fi lasers the legend of Eithan

    omg! its make up! they wear layers of makeup! :shhh::shhh:
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    Dreamcatcher forum donation raffle

    omg i love the dreamcatcher, looks so nice :angel:
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    Lasers and making out

    annyone find it so romantic and s3xy to make out under warmm light of 660nm laser? must one time try with yellow laser when I can order :eg:
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    hi hi hi hi!

    hi hi hi hi! welcomes too *kisses*
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    ladyboys like lasrs too?

    other ladyboy's here into lasers? :san: :san: :angel:
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    hi hi hi hi!

    yes yes yes yes! :na: are you ladyboy to?
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    hi hi hi hi!

    *ladyboy kisses all around* :angel: thankies for the welcomes :)
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    hi hi hi hi!

    Hi folks. Am a newbie to this hobby just saying hi.