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    Kipkay blocked me lol i trolled one of his videos and he blocked me now im not able to post comments on his videos
    You're amazingly inept (or is it incompetent?) at what you do; your attitude is no better.

    Stop acting like you know everything, because you don't. How about you actually listen to some of their advice for once?

    It really isn't too much to ask- and when someone does get hurt it'll be your problem.
    "Do not operate lasers." It's not that we don't want people operating lasers, we just want them to be safe while doing so.
    CAUTION: Lasers can be dangerous. Always wear eye protection. Lasers are not toys. WARNING: Lasers can blind you. Do not shine lasers in the air. Do not shine lasers at any living thing. Do not shine lasers at airplanes, helicopters, blimps or anything else that flies through the air. Do not shine lasers at cars, trucks, motorcycle, horse carriages or anything else that rides on the ground. ATTENTION: If you must use lasers, do so only under adult supervision. CAUTION: Do not tease animals with lasers. Lasers can burn your skin. Lasers can be more dangerous than guns. Always store lasers safely by removing the batteries and securing in a locked container. Do not operate lasers.
    Get your last chance to safe your reputation on this forum.

    Climb down from your high horse.
    add a annotation to all your videos (with lasers in them) saying allways where safty goggles when useing lasers. just a suggestion
    Sorry but i really think you should use proper safety protection when involving lasers.. especially eye wears.
    Pull that freakin' "lighter" hack video. It instructs people to shine the laser right into the area of their eyes!
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