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    FS: JETLASERS 250 mw green

    Holy cow Hey everyone if you have xbox live listen I have started a big clan called the lpf it's a clan dedicated to this wonderful sight you can play online while advertising laser pointer forums so spread the word of this add my gamertag it's .lpf blue laser the lpf is all caps the b in blue...
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    Member Map

    Home - Awesome Lasers, and R.C parts copy and pastse on adress bar for a sick website :bowdown:
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    sorry i meant 120 mw and the color on the outside is chrome
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    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    my kryton barrow is chrome and hecka shiny its 120w like the post in front of mine
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    1.1watt laser igniting plain white printer paper

    dang i didnt know that you can do that on white paper an is that a 1watt blue ...if so thats crazy
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    The Scale of the Universe

    I dont get it
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    Black Ops Montage

    ya my brother freaked out cause we got so any acheivments at once
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    Black Ops Montage

    dang thanks so much im gonna try this right now
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    My Post Count is Counting Down!

    every time i post i feel like it has to be long like everyone elses so then i just go on almost repeating the same thing
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    Use goggles/glasses

    YA GOGGLES GO SAFTEY .......saftey first or at least when i remember...{never}
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    Black Ops Montage

    and you know i compleatly agree with that i have freinds that hate and ones that love it
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    My laser collection - Show yours

    i had a vidieo of him filling the hallway with baloons and then popping them all...haha my mom was so mad at him for that
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    Black Ops Montage

    cool vid i to have black ops ...big tip..in the beggining you know how your in the torture chair...tap the aiming sight and shooting button repetedly...and you will break free..go to the computer ..and type in doa and you can now play special zombie games:yh:
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    Post your cat!

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    Hey hey

    this is johns little brother and my dads name is john so i dont know of that confuses