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    Laser display made in 15 minutes (video)

    Thanks for the share. I want to d that sort of thing. How much to get started? Thanks in advance. Jordan.
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    If You're Looking For A Hard Drive(Or SSD)

    NCIX is the way to go. newegg is for eggheads
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    White Fusion Colors

    Awesome. Those are great images. I also would like to see a video. Thanks for the share. Cheers Jordan cancun hotels
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    Goodbye All!

    Good luck!
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    If You're Looking For A Hard Drive(Or SSD)

    Cool site. I didn't know about this one. Thanks for the share. Jordan
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    Hello everybody!

    I am just looking into the basics for Lasers. Thanks for having this forum. :wtf: I have traveled many places around the world: Canada, US, Europe, South American and Australia, just to mention a few. One thing I've realized is that it is best to ask the locals where to best places are to see...