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    BDR-209 Question !!!

    I have got it with nano drive set by DTR at 620mA. It will be year or so and it still works fine.
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    9v to 12 power supply

    Single capacitor won't work. You will want to buy boost converter such as this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MT3608-DC-DC-Step-Up-Boost-Converter-Power-Supply-Module-2V-24V-to-5V-28V-2A/312279747003?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item48b552c9bb:m:mjS4GMX23bO51TtqcyQX8BA Don't know how much current will...
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    How to give a price to a private build

    I somehow didn't see your message was aimed to Paul. And building your own laser isn't that hard;). And soldering can be learned too. Everybody has to start somewhere.
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    How to give a price to a private build

    Probably cost of parts + work. Pretty much comon sense. But I smell multiaccount, anyone else? Edit: I should read before posting sorry. Ignore this.
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    BDR-209 burn out?

    I have currently BDR-209 from DTR with nano boost drive. DTR said driver is set at 630mA. Still working fine even after 5 or 6 months. First build lasted 3 months or so, and was set at 530mA (don't know on what current they run in DVD burners at but even at 530 it is probably overdriven a lot)...
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    Laser 303 Disassembly

    Yeah thanks, it was pain to read his posts
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    Laser 303 Disassembly

    What?! Do you think its funny? People here want to help you even after all you've written and you still can't behave like normal person?!!
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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Didn't read entire thread but how do you know that it is 425nm and not 424? (I dont think this high. Just as Paul said). Do you have spectroneter? My BDR build is maybe higher wavelength too but I don't have spectrometer so i call it 405nm. Measuring wavelength with eyes is like measuring power...
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    NUBM31T 95W 455nm

    If you could somehow take out diodes from this module it would be cheapest source of high powered diodes. Around 510$ shipping included that would be 25$ for diode.
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    NUBM31T 95W 455nm

    Hi, Found this on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nichia-NUBM31T-455nm-95W-High-Power-Multiple-Laser-Diode-Chip-Package/173962238656?hash=item2880f51ac0:g:~LsAAOSw3zldKEwU Ofcourse the price is a little problem. What do you think? Didn't looked in datasheet but imagine this in a host :eek:.(It...
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    1w 520nm link on tripod

    Beautiful beamshots. Is it that bright in real life with BE? My 1W green shows on camera, especialy in fog a lot brighter than in real life.
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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    I feel I'll have to try this myself :D Always liked stuff like this Edit: my best speaker is capable of only 22kHz (He says you need 28kHz) So I will probably stick with my tesla coils and lasers:confused:
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    Newbie here: Will looking at the laser's dot for a minute from 1 meter with no glasses cause harm?

    To be completely safe you should wear safety glasses when in interiors and while burning things. When you want to see the beam fix the laser to the table and aim it at non flamable dark colored material. I don't wear safety glasses outdoors spot is too far away to do something to my eyes. If...
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    Newbie here: Will looking at the laser's dot for a minute from 1 meter with no glasses cause harm?

    People live on planet earth not on LPF site. I am sure that if you'll search you will find a lot of threads like this.(I think a few days or week ago somebody posted something similiar).. Edit: Here I've done the work for you...