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  • jbtm, you got another email from support saying that your G2 went out on August 4th?? Did they say if that was the first batch of G2's or what? Im quite curious becuase I can't get in touch with them...im number 54XXX so I doubt ill see mine for a while, but I would be very happy for you if yours actually shipped. Also, did they say anything about which smart switch it would be or if you will get option 1 with extra goggles / lens cleaner?


    I think you miss understood fietch100, I received my rayfoss laser on friday. No wicked lasers arctics have been shipped out yet at all.
    hi i read that you have received you new wicked laser how does it perform. i just ordered mine yesterday and also wondered how long it took to get to yours from the date you ordered. thanks Fletch
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