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    Greetings and Check out my Laser Art!

    I use 8x10 B&W Negatives. One day when i get R G B lasers and build a beam combiner I'll start using color film. But for now a monochromatic source calls for B&W Film both practically and aesthetically.
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    Looking to BUY/trade Gas Lasers and optical equipment

    Hello Folks, I'm looking to buy or trade for affordable gas laser WITH power supplies; and other stuff. I'm not nessirily looking for power but consistency and Coherence Length! (High powered, high coherence lasers still interest me but they may be out of my price range, see trade) Here's the...
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    Greetings and Check out my Laser Art!

    Hello everybody! I am eager to begin learning all about Optics, Photonics, and of course Lasers. In my college studies i just began to touch upon the physics behind coherent light. However i was able to harness it to make some fantastic art which i hope you all can enjoy! Check out my...