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  • InfraRouge,

    Part 2- I've been looking for CHEAP, 18650-powered laser pointers. Real IR ones are pretty much out of my price range. I was going to go w/ the "Violet" 404nm pointers, and depend on poor filters, or try to remove the IR filter, and use them for focused therapy devices. Some claim to be focusable devices, I would use a vid camera w/ "night shot" to see what the patterns are like.

    The target of interest for me is nerves. There's a "sweet spot" centered around 850nm, so I am hoping that the 808nm source from cheaper laser devices would have enough splash that would be therapeutic. A knucklehead on YT claiming Violet laser-pointers are a "miracle medical device", and "the programming is in the holographic label they put on the side". I wanted to club him, but it got me thinking about using poorly made pointers to get closer to the coherent IR sources I wanted.

    How's the knee? There's a set up using halogen lights that helped my torn rotator cuff tremendously.

    Hey IR,

    Did you ever do the IR LLLT on your knee?

    I'm sorry you got such a crappy response from the regulars.

    How did it turn out? What was your protocol? Did you use manual controls (i.e., "thumb-gating") or electronic (TTL to control power through PWM)?

    I have been research LLLT and related therapies for years. My experiments have been limited to mainly commercial devices -- which were very poorly designed, but at least affordable. My latest tool is an 850nm IR LED Flashlight (I think it was billed as a 3W, but I don't trust the poorly-written, Chinese-origin PR material). It isn't focused, so it's more of a flood device.

    (orig message was too long, so I'm splitting it up...)

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