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    Anyone know about really old school radios??

    You'll probably have to replace the capacitors - those old paper-cased ones tend to dry up over the years. If you haven't plugged it in yet - check the caps before you do.
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    Laser Diodes collimated without lenses

    A new article in EEtimes reports that Harvard University has developed a method to produce collimated light from a laser diode without any lenses. This could be very interesting! http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=209800332
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    ShamWOW review.

    Yes - it's called 'Beer'.
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    Seeking safe, low power IR laser diode.  Advi

    Re: Seeking safe, low power IR laser diode.   I think that astonimerroyal needs to be aware of the frequency of the IR diode, and the type of camera he's using. He said he wanted to photograph animals with a invisible tripwire. Many digital cameras see IR quite well, and it would probably show...
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    Lasers in the News - teen brands himself with an i

    Re: Lasers in the News - teen brands himself with Diachi, No, I did not see where this was already posted. I looked through the posts on the first page of the General section, but did not see it.
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    Lasers in the News - teen brands himself with an i

    http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,25642,23964285-5014108,00.html Not sure where this occurred, but the news source is in Australia...
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    Thermite - The coolest thing since lasers

    Nice videography with the multiple angles! Brings back memories of my childhood....and a wonder that I'm still alive!
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    Possible cheap Xbox HD-DVD from Kmart

    I agree...but with gas as expensive as it is, I'm not going to put many miles on my car for a low probability find!
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    Possible cheap Xbox HD-DVD from Kmart

    I think that kmart and sears are owned by the same company (you can also buy craftsman tools and kenmore appliances at kmart now.) If so, then sears may have the same pricing.
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    X-box360 external hddvd drivers????

    brtaman - aha! Now I know what you were asking - daguin's concise reply was right on the mark (as usual)! Good luck - I just built my first blu-ray with the 803t from the xbox360 HD drive - first light last night! Even if you practice with the lower power diodes, it's still good...
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    X-box360 external hddvd drivers????

    Check out the posting just below yours: http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1209940381 There has been significant discussion, as you can see. Good luck....
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    Tool Definitions more appropriate to their use.

    Re: Tool Definitions more appropriate to their use Awesome list!! I can think of several of these tools that I also own.....and for some reason, am also expert in their usage!!
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    AixiZ module help

    daguin - excellent description of why you would want to focus the beam!
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    3 HeNe power supplies + 1mW tube - $29

    Darn...it doesn't look like the power supply can drive a 15 mW tube. Otherwise I'd want one!
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    Aixiz Customer Service

    I ordered 4 modules with 5mW LD in them on 14 May, and they arrived on 19 May. Shipped from Texas to the Washington DC area. Came shipped in an antistatic bag in a bubble padded envelope. I'll order from them again!