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    I'm pretty sure we will have dioides that can be pushed to 488nm or near it soon.

    Laser technology develop very fast these days. We have many diodes with new WL (520s,638s,460s, etc ) available over past years. So I think 488nm will soon available too.
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    NUBM44 6W 450nm

    Is the different between 450s an 460s significant?
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    LAZERER working coupon code?

    You may like their facebook page for the 5% discount code. The code is 053085 if you don't want to press the like button :eg:
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    Finally purchased a 520nm diode green laser. Can’t wait for it.

    I find 532nm is more yellowest in color. 520nm definitely look more like a real green when comparing both together.
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    Finally purchased a 520nm diode green laser. Can’t wait for it.

    I have been thinking of getting a 520nm to my collection for a long time. The main reason stops me from doing this because I already own a few 532s and I don’t want to spend too many similar thing. After seeing my friend’s 520s I decided to get one for myself because 520s actually look more...
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    problem has been resolved, thanks to everybody that replied

    Re: Lazerer.com is a scam Most of us here have good experience with LAZERER. I personally brought from them 3 times and I am very satisfied with my purchases. One of my 500mW 405nm DOA (maybe damaged during transportation). Max even send me a new unit without asking me to return the old one so...
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    need hard/high power laser

    lol Are you sure you have a 10000"M"W laser? Are you going to destroy the planet? :crackup:
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    Lazerer 638nm 200mW Single Mode Laser pointer review

    Re: Lazerer 638nm 200mW Single Mode Laser pointer reviewPointer Good review and nice little laser. I am curious if there a huge different in color between a 650nm and 638nm? I am always a happy lazerer customer. I own two lasers from this company and both are overspec (500mW 405nm Cyber and...
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    Have you ever killed a Laser?

    I never killed a laser but I did killed a few red laser diode will I trying out my DIY laser driver. I end up giving it up and buy ONE from ebay.....
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    Is Wicked Lasers safe to order from?

    Some people reported that their laser are overpriced. However they are quite a well known company so I guess you will end up getting your laser.
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    Can a >5mW laser be bought in the US?

    I have brought two lasers from LAZERER recently without any problem. Quality is good and transaction is smooth. Some of my classmates also have good experience with them. Chance the "scandal" you mentioned is exceptional case and Max should sorted it out with the buyer already.
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    1st 445nm build and i have problem with voltage needs

    The pot on the driver are for adjusting the current. Have you try that? I have one driver look exactly the same will go 1.8A with no problem
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    Still thinking on getting a 520nm......

    Stop tempting me I ran out of money this month :whistle:
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    Sci-Fi Lasers TheJoker301 Does Not Tell the Truth to Customers or Uphold His Claims

    Re: Unhappy with Sci-Fi Lasers - Partially Resolved 80% of IR? Are you sure you get this info correctly? I think you mislead by their power certificate. The IR filter they use is actually a IR pass through filter so the 15mW you mention should be the IR output. Another graph is showing the...
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    Never get the driver with external mosfet working. Possible Reason?

    Are you sure you haven't mixed up the pins connection?