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  • I don't have the option to add you, but I sent a message. Facebook must have been reading my location history.
    Lol Alex. I think I might have just seen you in my Facebook friend suggestions.
    Hope you are happy with your new 532nm laser, buddy. And thanks for the rep. I am available should you need help with these 505nm diodes. ;)
    Hey Alex. I'm doing alright, looking to get more into lasers again soon. I'm going to do a new study that has lots to do with machining things such as hosts and many more things. By then I'll probably do more with lasers again as well.
    Oh, nothing to thank for, Alex. ;) Tribal Seeds are great as well as other two bands of that "triangle" - The Expendables and Slightly Stoopid. Especially Slightly Stoopid remind me Sublime a bit. Likely Slightly Stoopid are the most favourite of these three - Collie Man, Wise Man, Officer - all songs from the same album all great. ;) Great vibez from Cali always make me feel sun and peace in the heart.
    Gotcha:) I really should go back myself to first passion and love of old muscle car's but spending to much money on this "laser bug":beer:
    Hi Alex,

    not a problem, if you do not leave LPF completely. We would miss you a lot here, if you did. ;) However I noticed your tacit presence here doing some admin stuff... Hopefully you are just busy with some pleasant matters and will come back to lasers soon again. I also have only little a time for doing art, still I'm working on projects and preparing them, including artworks, capturing new ideas etc. Now I'm just waiting for right conditions to do some laserpainting ready to be made, I supposed to do it yesterday, but unfortunatelly it was heavy raining during the day and in the evening there was enormous humidity in the air - good I did not take camera and lasers out. Hopefully you will be back into lasers soon. ;)
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