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    500mw 808nm diode question....

    I'm not sure, but I think that leadlights might come with 500mW diodes... All of this really depends on crystal efficiency. You can pump more power into the crystal, but at a certain point, called the saturation point if i remember right, the crystal will not take in any more IR and the...
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    My new project MUhaAHAahaHa!!!

    I kinda slipped out of my laser hobby for a while till i was at the bookstore the other day where i saw this book... in the book there was a guide for building a co2 laser, well a power supply with a pump but anyway... i bought a 20W tube off of the bay for about 300 bucks and now im gathering...
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    my new beastie can do it, but its not handheld ;D
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    Im back!

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8019832&type=product&productCategoryId=pcmcat103700050021&id=1157067806537 there she is, i paid 949 though, im going up to the store with this printed out and im gonna try to get my 100 back... im loveing this thing, its faaast and the screen...
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    Im back!

    hey everyone! My computer recently took a turn for the worse, and i cant honestly tell exactly what is wrong with it so i went and bought a new laptop tonignt so ill be hanging out a lot more here since i dont have to go to the library or a friends house :P looks like i missed an auction...
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    NEW CONTEST !!!!

    i deserve to win the 50mW laser pointer that sencat is giving away because i am the bestest guy around. thers my entry, i hope i win! no ebay, have the auction here
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    DVD Burner laser anyone ??

    well, my dvd laser is a sucess, finally. ill up some pics a bit later. it reads 210mW average in the power meter. i also got permission to get a pool table for christmas, not a table, but a note allowing me to buy one, SCORE! ;D
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    125 is too unstable for burning, go with 95.
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    i dont care how "tactical" a lighter is, its not worth 100 bucks...
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    Okay - sleepless, and without a life !

    yeah i want my prize, but send it to beauty soul, she has no laser and all i got is freaky high powered stuff! i wouldnt ever touch a 5mW anyway ;D merry christmas!!
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    Okay - sleepless, and without a life !

    tis diablo, no? lol in not french or spanish or whatever, ive been told i was "southern" ;D im right right? i hope im right!
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    DVD Burner laser anyone ??

    well if you look, the battery has 4 hookups. i think 2 are the + and gnd. and 1 is for chargeing purposes and the other is for the charge remaining. i might be right, but dont hold me to it, search around a bit, you could just put a led to that terminal and when it goes dim the battery is almost...
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    DVD Burner laser anyone ??

    yeha yeah yeah, im stil here just not as much... ive been attemting the dvd laser for a while now, ive used up 4 dvd drives. i always kill the diode while i try to unsolder it, always... if your looking for cheap dvd burners check out www.overstock.com s auctions site, you can get drives for...
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    i didnt loose much, the only good thing about that site is their prices. but then again they do charge a boatload for shipping, but it is from china or somewhere in asia :P
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    i bought a couple of flashlights from them, 2 cane broke and the other was terribly cheap. i e-mailed them and asked for a replacement and they said they would send them, but they never came. that was 4 months after i got the first shipment, which took 2 months to come. personally i would nevr...