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    Looking to buy a 1W+ 445nm laser from a member

    please buy here-- https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/im-selling-some-masterpieces-from-my-handheld-collection.107088/page-2#post-1585714 this member is selling due to poor health.. so buying would be a nice thing to do... AND Richardo is in Spain so--myb you can meet him in person and...
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    First laser build, help needed: Green 10mW 532nm

    Rather than use a 9v for anything that 'likes' 5 vdc --all USB and chargers are 5vdc. Portable batt packs w/ usb are 5vdc-- I have often felt that the mini usb port should be on lasers. It could run the laser and/or charge the batt(s). You would never need to take the batt from the lasers...
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    Not a hit and run...

    welcome can you give us a (usable)nic for you?? also a general location? help is much better in person--& we have great members everywhere..I am south of Houston... hak
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    Bunch of stuff on PL that might interest some.

    I think I am CON_FUSE_ED. Both Riccardo and Phillip have good deals.. I am buying from both.
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    My name is Clint Eastwood

    ^^^ thats funny-- I kept hearing '..so do you feel lucky?' ......Do You? then (Sound of a 44 mag revolver being cocked.)
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    I'm selling some masterpieces from my handheld collection ...

    Its Riccardo.... My 405 laser was wrapped in bubble then wrapped in more bubble- then styrofoam, then inside a great box wrapped in masking tape. I did not expect such fast delivery --and Fed Ex brought it to my door.. Pics coming soon time to exercise my argons so..good timing. LOTS of...
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    Bunch of stuff on PL that might interest some.

    NP withstuff from Riccardo (Minamoto Kobayashi, Italy) Fed Ex about 5 days-- Packaged like it was the Hope Diamond.. I could not be any more happy than I am now! len EDIT FYI He (Phil)sure has a BUNCH of great items.. pics are first class too. BEST WISHES Phil jUST in case you do...
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    (Buying) Fan or blower attachment for 643 series ion laser

    I found a pretty powerful squirrel Cage blower. I 'housed' it in a very heavy duty storage box. Added two handles added the right size collar to fit Al dryer hose and made another hole- mounted the fan over it and added a grill. Cut a small hole & put a female AC plug --wired to the fan...
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    Not all are about birds.. but read all the titles.. then search 'Bing' or 'Google' https://laserpointerforums.com/search/550206/?q=Lasers+for+bird+scare&o=date JL sells a monster (for airports) & $4000. there must be better ways.. i doubt they will be scared for long. I have a plastic...
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    SCAM - ignore

    This is when we sometimes say.. 'TY for taking one for the team' +rep hak
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    DANG! you are older than me...anyone thinking there are few lasers that 'DO' something (even...

    DANG! you are older than me...anyone thinking there are few lasers that 'DO' something (even back in te day) was wrong.. .. new patents for laser devices are filed EVERYDAY. (not say'in ' that was you btw) I majored in Photography in 1970 (Kent State U [ohio]) wanna buy some Nikons??
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    Would you guys know if an eBay "Laser 301/303" would fit a 12mm module?

    try ODICFORCE (uk) --iirc we also have a few very great host makers here at LPF hak
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    DIY TTL driver

    ^^^ TOO TRUE. I wasted much time and some $$ trying to make my own scanner set--There is pretty much nothing to really gain from DIYing some parts-- and no savings either..Cyp is right.. And to this day nothing has changed.. I will PM you a link you need to check out.. hak
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    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    ~ 4 yrs ago a member was 'called-out' for a necro ~on this thread --it had not gotten posts for a few years. Then someody saw that one and 'brought it back' Since then we had a lot of (good imo) posts. I was about to add my thoughts until I saw the post at the top of this page. I have only...
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    Problem Buying from Sanwu

    I never like to hear about problems with JL OR SANWU... They often turn out that the makers did nothing wrong. Right now the pandemic can cause problems we would never consider. Pisses me off to hear crap like 'FungFlu' or 'Chinamade' flu.. Finding out where this came from is NOT...