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    To test all in USA (330,676,940) each 3 times requires 992,030,820 test 'kits' To test all 4 times--1,322,767,760 tests. World Pop. 330.5 Billion
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    Feeler for Jetlasers Group buy #11

    Reserved for buyers list. Using the 2020 Holiday Coupon a 1000 mW Green 520nm laser with BE at ~$310. would be $289.50 plus actual ship savings for shipping (twice) add 5% for Paypal. Send USPS MO or bank check and save the 5%
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    There is a possible error when thinking how many tests are currently available vs number of people that can be tested. IF we have 200,000 tests that is NOT how many people can be tested. Some people test neg but want more tests. SO with that and the fact that when a person with the virus is...
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    Feeler for Jetlasers Group buy #11

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    Feeler for Jetlasers Group buy #11

    Reserved for data etc. '''' please let me know if you see any possible errors or typos'''' XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PL-E Mini 520nm Green Laser New product 520nm PL-E Mini 50mW and 850mW-1W green Lasers is a classic brand of portable lasers. $139.99 50mW $219.99 with JL Beam Expander--only available...
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    Feeler for Jetlasers Group buy #11

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    JetLasers PL-E Pro 1.6W 445nm Full Review with Pictures & Video

    Thank you, Andy, for the excellent review and pics. I was happy to hear you had no shipping problems and it was, considering the current issues, typically fast. 72 hours is the common average,, BUT we do get them quickly, in part' due to the time difference--- so sending back to JL is always...
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    search this Leslie Wright Xray artist- learned of him by Dr Sam-- Les was one of the first to...

    search this Leslie Wright Xray artist- learned of him by Dr Sam-- Les was one of the first to extract our beloved 405 diodes,, he made a 'how-to' vid for us--(TY LW & Dr Sam.) len (texas)
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    hi guys!

    WE are keeping you and others in Scotland in our heart and prayers.... Laser related stuff helps get our minds on something diff. Check this out--MYB Eddie can meet this gent and let us know how that went, iirc he is a friend of Dr Sam's. Leslie made a vid on the extraction and Sam put...
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    Stephen, 33, Male, Toronto/San Francisco

    Due to my years of drinking Corona I am immune.. but that is because of the customary wedge of lime---not the beer.. I got to visit a few days in Toronto amazing place... It is the home ,btw, of well known laser makers Joe and Luck now known as 'Tuned Cavity'-- check out their vids on Tube...
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    Are laser diodes durable enough to be used as light sources in prop lightsaber hilts?

    The hits when searching light sabres They are LOTS of YTUBE laser light sabers This one me likey. You should contact spyropyro a very kewl forum member and outstanding YouTuber . Ones made for rough handling are super expensive. You prolly searched but for others interested.. I saw in...
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    Xi'an Aurora. To trust or not to trust?

    You will do fine. You might even become the next Joe Calvo. I got to sorta know Joe and Lucy when a driver they sold me stopped working right. Lucy walked me thru finding the problem and fixing it myself. I had learned about them and found out that they even had a 'cleanroom' where they...
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    Hi Guys

    welcome-- where are you? There are several great meets every year world wide-- called LEMs-- these are as addicting as the lasers--lol
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    Xi'an Aurora. To trust or not to trust?

    What? you are not making any sense...feel free to avoid reading anything I post.. I quote--'Buy, sell, and trade lasers and/or laser pointers. Minimum 20 laser related posts required before thread creation. '
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    Feeler for Jetlasers Group buy #11

    BUMP Gray hopes , that as much as is possible, things will be better soon. If it is not possible , I am very unhappy not being able to sub a thread and get email when anything new is posted-- AND the cost IMO was very high for what I feel is less. BTW unless you know more, do not be...