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  • brandi--what??
    disciple Lam Vuong indeed could not speak clearly.
    and this VM is also not clear...
    Lý Mộ Uyển ngồi trong lầu. Tuy vậy thanh âm của nàng lại có một chút phiền muộn.

    Vương Lâm hít một hơi thật sâu, trong lòng cười khổ. Hắn thầm than một tiếng, nói:
    dich vu so sach ke toan, khoá học kế toán cho giám đốc ,tháp doanh nhân tower, học kế toán ở long biên, dịch vụ báo cáo tài chính cuối năm, học kế toán misa

    - Đệ tử... đệ tử... - Đối mặt với cố nhân khi xưa, hai chữ đệ tử quả thực Vương Lâm không thể nói được một cách rõ ràng.
    Hi again, Where do I need to send the MO for the LK3D GB? I want to send it out today but I still don't have an address.

    Thanks again,

    a.k.a. Cliff Myers
    sorry that I can no longer be here every day -email me at gmail (hakzaw1)if you need me asap.
    Close, Cuyahoga Falls! Haha and thank you!!! Ah I wish you still lived in canton. I can't find any enthusiasts around me!!
    Between PC and ISP issues and feeling illish-- I am not here as often as I would like- please bear with me.
    Thank you, Len. I always thought of you as the one who was most helpful to others. I'd rep you now, but it won't let me quite yet.
    Figured it out. Gray wrote me. Damn, this is the second Ti-B to die on me. Gray is so good he sent me this one as a replacement for the first dead one.
    I still love Jetlasers. Perhaps this is why they discontinued them.
    Have a good weekend
    Hey Len,

    Long time no hear from you my friend. Hope all is well with you. It has been quite a while!!!!

    I am going to be in Houston 2016, finally got City of Houston as a customer for my electrical sales job (damned bureaucratic process took nearly 9 months, but I got them!!!!)

    I was cleaning my dichroic mirrors and adjusting alignment on one of my LK-PD2 (efx wheel projector).

    The dichroic mirror for the red laser broke off, it was very very brittle, I was super gentle with it too :(

    Do you know of a source for a replacement set of (3) adjustable 3 axis mirror mounts with their respective dichroic mirrors for this projector?

    Let me know when Its cool for me to swing by and see you man. Maybe we could do lunch, dinner, breakfast, whatever, my treat!
    Hit me up when you get a chance, and give me your phone number if you can (had to get a new one, lost all my numbers)

    Best regards,
    Hiya LEN,
    Thank you for your quick response. I added my location information. Unfortunately I'm at the opposite side of the country relative to Houston. I'm in Delaware.
    It's no problem , I went ahead and ordered one from JL (now the wait lol) , also just ordered one from joker @ SFL ... It's a long way before I'm done ... Just have to figure out which ones I want first ! Ordered some upgraded EP from Eagle and also ordered a Laserbee AX , now just gotta get through Christmas then will order a couple more .. I will keep watch and hopefully be able to go through you on future JL's
    Hi Len, yes it's true, that was waaay back, and my age and birthday numbers are correct :)

    Any particular reason for checking in over public visitor messages? Did I miss something?
    n/p -

    I am always hoping for more Tx members as LEMs are 'my thing' like full color PJs
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