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  • Hey hakzaw1, No I live Near Birminham, AL in a town called Hueytown...which is about 10minutes from Birmingham. So what's up lately?
    Glad your problem was solved friend. :D I know how aggravating it is to have problems like that.
    I had to leave for Fla before they arrived- waiting in my mailbox as we speak- hak
    WOW! I am surprised you haven't gotten a chance to mess around with those optics yet. Nice to hear about your meters. I just ordered a Laserbee light and sold my coherent pocket meter. I am looking forward to my laserbee. Should be great. I will hold onto those batteries.
    Hey, I have 7 RCR123A BATTERIES I don't need and 2 14500. All are rated 3.6 or 3.7V which means 4.2 on full charge. Also I would not recommend the enelop batteries. They do not put out 1.5 volts. If you are using a green laser you will lose a lot of output with these batteries. As of now I am stocked up on hosts but thank you for offering. I will keep and eye out for your builds.
    I will PM you my address. These boards are "crawled" by robots. None of Tyler's actions were "accidental." I just got confirmation that one of his $400 8X lasers (that failed in 12 minutes) contained a GGW diode! I wish I could get $400 for a 6X laser ;)
    Unfortunately I've already sold the meter. It was sold the day after I posted it, but I forgot to update the thread. Sorry about that...
    Didnt think you were 55+- just trying to network to get it sold-SOMEBODY is going to get a good deal. Pass it on- will send link later today or Fri- and plan to flood all northern Craigslists with ad/links-- if you hook up a relative or friend you are sure to be on the guest list when that snow starts to fly(sleeps 9). Had my fill after 25 yrs in Ohio.
    Haha I'm not old enough to retire yet. Unless 28 is the new 65 HAHA. My grandparents might like a look at it. But then again I don't think they can back out on their mortgage. I'm closer to Albany. I went to Canada with my bro in law years back. Quite a fun trip.
    Are you near Buffalo? Went thru there a few months back on my way to Toronto-first time -really like both cities-especailly that Toronto coffee!- Would like to visit again before the snow flies--Hak--PS speaking of snow -My brother and I are trying to sell Dads Florida winter retreat-Cheap!!- free golf- totally furnished-in a very nice 55+ village- if interested let me know and I will give you a link to some info/photos- located in Ft Pierce- Atlantic coast-We had to get him ionto an assisted living place. thanks Hakzaw
    Haha a lot of crazy people out there. Its like what catwoman said... "at least they're committed". I think I'll give up trying to justify myself too. Thanks man
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