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  • Arlington is near Dallas- 5 hrs from here-- Thousands of exotic animals seized in Arlington | wfaa.com | Local News --in case you did no see this--dirty shame--they should lock the ba$tards up
    Nice pix is that a milk snake?or a king edit Ok seen the web page -thats oreo-- VERY nice job excellant photos at all the rest too..where do I join?? keep up the good work--
    -I'm down to a single pet-a blue ringneck parakeet-sure miss having dogs- you are one of the few who would understand why in the world would I keep a sweater box full of Hissing Matagaskin Roaches-embarressed to say that a few escaped from me in Bonita Springs Fla-where I worked as zookeeper for 3 yrs or so--often wondered if/how they made out!??(not funny really)At its peak I kept 26 snakes with me in a one room cottage around back of the Everglades Wonder Gardens--didnot get many visitors at my place! Most non-venmous. Had to quit work at SPCA shelter between the 'morons' and seeing so many fine dogs and cats being put down. Now I help raise $ at a spca thrift shop-$50,000 per yr average. You and yours must have big hearts--rescues always make the best companions... but you already know that.thanks for the links- will join your forum asap--lets keep in touch-lots in common- happy new year to your family and your critters too---Len in Texas
    SPCA Cool! I have a friend on my pet forum who is an animal control officer, He has told some stories about morons he encounters at work.......

    We have a large collection of pets ranging from mice to snakes, lizards, fish, cats, dogs, rats and roaches, So I am against any form of animal maltreatment.

    Several of our critters are rescues, Taking in another puppy this week. (Momma is going to need a bigger lap, trips to town in the RAV are going to be interesting with 3 cockapoos riding shotgun with her)

    We have 40 acres, so animals are part of everyday life here.

    Wayne A. Harvey

    Dances With Reptiles

    My Pet Forums

    Have you met LarryDFW?==He is from up your way -IIRC. I will find out how to set up a group--but with such a large state finding a member that is truly 'local' may not be so easy. There are two LPFers near Houston-one in spring and another in Pasedena--both still in school.... AixiZ Laser Pasedena store sells laser stuff and LED lights for cars and motorcycles-plan to go check it out soon. I think Calf. has the most members.===I also think that somewhere on the LPF they have a map showing where members some of the membership resides.(8,000+ so far total members!!)==Len
    Thanks for the advice, I am aware of all those terms haha, I hadn't found the search thing worked on this site yet at the time, I'm still "reading the books" but I know the subject well, and this is a refresh course for me. I'm just playing around with lasers at the moment, sorry about that.
    Yeah to work with him would be so awesome.. is he hiring? :p Where's the address anyways?
    Whoops i meant zip code... Lol.. that'd be cool if you get a discount... he must be really rich :O
    I wonder how it looks like.. Pasadena is a pretty far care ride..lol i'm buying some goggles soon... right now i'm getting a host/heatsink from jayrob 3405 and i got my complete module from mohrenberg and batteries from dealextreme....how far are you away from 77379? That's my area code
    Umm, not really you're the first one that i met...I'm not 16 yet so i can't drive... but it'd be worse i was like 13 or something..lake jackson is pretty far..:p my name is Jackson lol
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