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  • Problem is Not LPF-= as I can log on at my friends PC and all is OK- I can't PM on other forums either and my netzero in-box opens to a blank page( I am still in the dark ages with dial-up ISP) But yahoo inbox is fine. My have to broil up a steak for my tech friend and have him use his magic touch.--Hak
    hey are ur problems still happening? maybe run an antimalware scan with malware bytes antimalware? sounds like something on ur pc might be interfering
    Thanks Len. I have been trying to break that "first pet" label for years.

    I have some here that are $400 garter snakes.

    I'll post some in Photons Photos
    Hmm that's really weird. Has this problem gone away? Haven't heard anyone else comment about this. Which forum style are you using?
    OK I was able to finally check my snap gmail-as for your other idea -great --'whitelaser'-see if all is working=try to PM= and add attachment- look for green dot on active user. O will log out and come back in15n min.
    My ISP is netzero dial=up and the message center opens but to a blank page--when you left click on a any user name in a post does a dropdown open= cause now when I do that it goes straight to users profile--are you seeing the green (is on-line now) dot by my name??
    Ok -gmail won't completely load- says 'done' at bottom but no open in-box== refresh changes nothing--my yahoo mail opens OK
    Ur welcome for sure-- a 'welcome station" with the FAQs from noobs would help- auto-spoon feeding -if you will. 'read the rules and stickies' is not working out so well IMO. It may be a while before I make back it your way-would be nice tho -still too cold here. -Hak
    thanks hak for the repz... it is true, we should never treat a new guy/gals with disrespect. Commin back to Ft Myers any time soon?
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