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  • Chalkboard's entire account was deleted. All of his posts simply "went away." Now all you see is what I "quoted" in my responses to his posts.

    I had french fries with my lunch today I guess- found an English version CNET- got it- now trying to find re-size and how to share--prolly real easy if you have already done it..
    My classes are doing fine for now, although I fear I'll not pass all of my exams like I did the other time xD I'm very busy all the time this days...

    What do you mean by that about bulls? I do strongly hate that kind of things!
    See if you can edit your information on here:
    Lone Star Laser Fans Map

    You may need to first become a collaborator in order for you to edit it. I will need to know your google account address to invite you and to add you as a collaborator. From there, you can edit and invite more collaborators. Kind of confusing, so I don't know if this is the best idea for the map to use.
    I could get started on it maybe on Friday. I think I have an idea on how to set it up. If you can find an example of how exactly you want it to look, I'll try to replicate it. By that, is there a particular way you want it made, or should I just make it my way.
    Added a map of members in Texas in your Lone Star Laser Fans. I will add any member as long as they post their location.
    yes 350 i will let it go just need help with this forum thing its my first forum ive been on someone e-mail me at nealgilson@aol.com for info on contact info so i can get help i need im disabled & need help with this
    im in CT and i just ordered a small HeNe off ebay...it should be on my doorstep in about 3-4 days
    Yes it came today.

    I already posted twice about it.

    We have like 100++ glow in the dark ornaments in our bedroom, so the first thing we did was go in there and shut off the lights, close the curtains and play with it.

    I like the feel and construction of this pointer, it feels like quality.

    My cheap green pointer kept separating (no threads in the middle) so I gave it away a long time ago.

    took it out in the snow tonight, wild.
    All my incoming messages are visitor- I am using XP- Media center- ATM I cannot re-size photos the way I was able to not long ago-I had a bad experience using system restore so i'm reluctant to try that now. When It did no good I tried to undo the restore but lost some things (like my netzero dial-up settings)when I went back. Similar problems when I switched to firefox--some sort of conflict with FF and windows IE-I am sure the prob is not w/LPF as all works great when I log in from a different PC-I re-installed NettZero- no help-its a drag to not be able to do attachments or PMs.--My netzero in-box opens to a blank page but gmail and yahoo mail are OK- does that indicate anything??
    Wow, that almost sounds like a possible malware or a trojan cause there have been no other members reporting this phenomena. What are your basic computer specs and what OS are you running?
    Len, If your running Windows XP, try System Restore.
    Go to: Start;All programs;System help&tools;System restore.-- Set restore date to a day before this happened. (dates you can restore to, are in bold. IE: Restore points.) Reboot comp., then try again. If message appears stating; Not able to restore to this point You probably have a virus or malware problem. You may have to reformat your HD. Good luck, Mark
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