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July 3
'Deep in the Heart Of Texas..."
Dragon Slayer and virgin de-frocker




''She's a Killer Queen
gunpowder, gelatin
Dynamite with a
Guaranteed to blow your mind

'We've found 233 lyrics, 10 artists, and 29 albums matching words 'laser beam'.'

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QS/FB3 +Beyond-APC40-Mamba Black(clone) 5paghettix2 and I-show x2-Kasio synth-midi
2PCs KGB- 532 1.1W 445 2.2W 655 1.3W DT Pro 40 still needs more red.
Laserking RGB LK PD2(3) 500 and LK SD 850&1300RGB FULL COLOR 30K-2pcs LK-3D
'Song' all diode.Analog. new PT 30RGB 2.2W 637/520./450...NEW.. several DYI PJs in the works
Room full of LUMIA stuff HeNes-(12)R(3)G-COH-594/5 mW-thnx DrSam
MULTILINE-147mW[ several Argon SLs
445nm 180mW-Mini spiro-Yob.
LPMs-RadiantAlpha& Pro5W-AixiZ SPER/KenmeterLite/LB1 20W Hyperions 4 on sale soon

Spacelas 1178mW 655nm/AixiZ 300mW532&
2 B&W 473nm 5/6mW lab... CNI 1.3W&1.2W-MGL-H
638 180mW ttl mimi lab (av. 230mW)lab405 100mW ttl mini lab445 300 mW ttl mni lab ^AixiZ^ all for a lumia PJ


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