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  • hey--
    sent you a friend request and asking a favor from you--

    can you add some info at your Profile Page??- especaily your (general) location-- we like to know more- what other hobbies- where you are at in cschool or how you make a living-

    dont be surprised to hear from members living near- very handy when you need hands-on help or to get a laser metered(ALWAYS a free service)

    a few other tips-- try to avoid double(or more) posting- if the last one is yours use EDIT instead.
    try hard to find answers via search (including google search) BEFORE asking at LPF- also read the stickies in WELCOME -TUTORIALS and any section concwerning any questions ( use
    'search this forum' which is below the 'all forum' search.

    If in doubt of correct section - just search your question and see where others made new threads- as there are many and it can be confusing where to ask for help--

    Im in Texas and our problem is often too hot NOT too cold//lol

    where are you??

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