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  • accept my invite REKE group- (invite only) after you join find group tools & subscribe by email- you can start a thread ( called 'discussion') asking to buy REKE -- I started this back when the planets just happened to be in alignment and quite a few of us got REKE RGB 500s for less than 210$ - now they cost more-- Only a few REKE buyers stopped there- we found out why they are cheap & learned to repair-- most have no interest in ever owning another REKE- paying more to get MUCH more now makes better sense. Mine's FS -- works great-- make me an offer > 275$ & I might let it go- buy QS FB3 at the same time & I can give you a 'bundle ' price-- PJs w/ no way to run them(soft ware) get boring FAST especailly rekes -- you better choice may be to buy one of the LK PD2 from the four GBs I hosted-- They are 4x more fun and only 2X the cost of reke 500-- MSRP on the PD2 and Pangolin QS is around $1200 with shipping- I can get you that for $995-forget crap like I-Show = wasted $$
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