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  • thanks for the rep! :wave:
    I'm still awaiting my replacement module. Eitan told me he'd shipped it.
    i promised not to bug him anymore:can:
    Sounds like a great future project. It is indeed a TOS "Diamond Select and collectibles".I just need to know what type of battery it takes because the ones and mine are dead and I'd love to see this thing light up!
    Some printer still use IR lasers.I have never used one of those but the visible reds from printers work.They are in no way as powerful as the diodes from burners...20mw or so.But back when I put my copier laser in a radio shack project box a 20mw red was exciting stuff!!!
    I have a 7 dollar 650nm ebay pen that hits 98mw...how times have changed!!!!!
    The cool thing about the high end printer lasers was the excellent optics.The new suff uses VCEL's with 36 beams!!!!!It writes across the drum multiple lines at once.The old one beam scanners had mirrors that were turning over 15k rpm.No need for that now.

    And thank you very much for the Reps!!!!
    Well, I still managed to see some of the episodes here and there. This may sound hard to believe, but we have a TV channel called "DECADES" that plays stuff from the past and commemorates anniversaries of certain events by playing certain programs. On a certain day, they commemorated the pilot episode of TNG by playing Encounter at Farpoint recently, and it was the first time I had seen it.
    Yeah, I grew up on the original series too. I was born in '71, so that's what we had at that time. When The Next Generation came, it was on cable which I didn't have :( Then the movies came out. Those ended up being the most memorable. Now they're replaying some of the better episodes of TOS on TV again and they're starting to rekindle my interest.
    Hey man, been meaning to rep you forever! Sucks because of the new rep system I'm currently not able to, anyways I have not modded any phasers (as of yet!) I've got an old TOS phaser layin' around that I got for a nice deal at comic-con, that's just waiting to be modded with a nice laser module. Not sure if I'll get the time to mod it tho, especially with my recent laser host-to-host transplant I'm working on right now, and possibly a nice 4W 465nm in the future! :D
    Hi GSS! Thank you for the reps! I was going to reply to the visitor message you sent me but I couldn't find a "reply" button. There was only one for "report".

    To answer your message: I enjoyed the movies of the Star Trek genre (the first 10, but not all of those) the most. It kind of disappoints me how JJ Abrams changed things so much. It doesn't really "feel" the way it used to anymore, but I still watch them. It IS Star Trek, after all. :)

    No, I've never modded anything. I haven't even bought my first real laser yet. The only experience I've had was when I had a red 5mw pointer about 15 years ago. I actually tried modding that one following instructions found online and ended up breaking it in the process. So right now I'm laser-less. That is, until I most likely will order a 1.5W blue laser from Sci Fi Lasers later this week.
    Hi GSS,

    That's cool about the lights - funny how they can draw us in! There's a guy that lives a few miles from me that has a working stoplight in his yard. He probably bough it off of ebay or something and then wired some kind of control to it so that it would change every so often. It's pretty cool!

    Btw...you're right...there probably is a way! There are a few up for sale on ebay right now. That would be SO awesome ;)

    stoplight | eBay

    Thanks for reaching out and hope you have a great day!
    Can using higher voltage lithium AAA batteries have a possibility of damaging a green laser pointer pen:huh:
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