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    Lazerer or laserbtb ??

    Lol saw it too late :p:D
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    Windows 8

    Re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview I privately always DL the same version of an OS the desktop was delivered with. I just don't see why I have to pay over hundreds of euro's/USD's/(insert valuta) to have a "fresh" desktop. ON: I don't think my laptop can handle 8 lol :crackup: I am fan of XP and...
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    sad newz to report

    I may not know you James, But still I hope you will get better. And condolences to you and your family. Nice tattoo btw.
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    New to it all.

    Actually made me laugh. :crackup:
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    See my sig.
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    Nice! If you are interested at selling it PM pls.
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    Sorry that I don't check out everyone's signature. Good to know.
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    Oh ok. Thanks for your good contribution to this thread. I am 16 for who that matters.
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    I'm still interested in your lasers. Can you send pics of the 30 and 50 MW ones?
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    Hahaha, I know what you mean but I have my ways of warming up an laser :whistle:
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    Don't care about the temp. I roughly have 20 EU to spend. Wow, never thought of this before. And where can I buy laser pointer case? And how do I drop em in? Hahahaha, but it is a different story if you can't buy them because the site knows you're from the Netherlands. Where do you buy them...
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    But do they have good quality too?
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    I don't have a choice but to choose a 5 MW one. Higher ones are illegal. And if he didn't make then why do people say they have great quality but still are cheap?
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    Where to buy 'em these days?

    Aren't there anymore people like Swim who make good quality green lasers? Or was he the only one on this entire forum?