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    converting galvos and pin assignments

    I just noticed that there are actually two inputs. X1 and X2. The connector diagram was for the x2. This is the x1 It seems like a lot of these pins have several things going to the same pins so it only has a total of 6 controls The controls reads 1/2/3 XH 4/5/6 XL 7/12V Sen X 8 sig GND X 9...
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    converting galvos and pin assignments

    That is the showcard. The thing that doesn't have an assignment layout is the other set of galvos that came with the showcard, but I am pretty sure this description here is from the same galvos I found on ebay. My biggest concern is that I don't want to burn out the galvos, but if most of the...
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    converting galvos and pin assignments

    Hello, I just got a new used pair of galvos. They are GSI Lumonics g325D. I would like to install them into a case. I have a showcard with a lot of patterns I really like, but the old galvos they went to have a vastly different pin layout. The new galvos have this layout assignment on there...