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    Pioneer 8X Blu-Ray-- BDR-203

    yeah im getting a performance exhaust kit and hopefully tuning my ecm on my truck. ill just hope one day ill find my way into one at a good price
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    yeah i realized that a little later on. i have some feelers out now finding me some drives that are no good anymore- well to 99% of everyone else anyway. from there i will harvest more powerfull lasers to experiment with. if i ever scrape up enough cash i will just toss the phr in a host and...
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    Pioneer 8X Blu-Ray-- BDR-203

    damn and i just got a little money from taxes.....
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    Pioneer 8X Blu-Ray-- BDR-203

    thanks. so far i found a 8x lg for 250... i have been researching, and know a considerable ammount so far. what i meant in my post was more along the lines if any of these dealers actually had sleds back in stock. i realize that didnt come out in that way. BUT that does not constitute someone...
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    Sony's 8x BWU-300S

    i went to best buy yesterday and there is a Lg 8x model burner for 250...
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    Thanks to the Admin for LPF!

    i definatly agree. without this info id be watching gilmore girls with my wife... you my friend deserve a medal for pulling me away from her and that crap!
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    Awesome ebay auction...

    i smelled bs before i opened the linkk. p.s. photoshopped!
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    Pioneer 8X Blu-Ray-- BDR-203

    no but me quoting you for being a dick might help.... if you dont have any constructive answers then keep your pitttyfull opinions to yourself.
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    Recommended current for PHR-803T ?

    i put it in the housing and solderd the wires on before i did anything then did a test of my driver before hooking it onto the diode. my lowest pot setting was around 38 to about 140ish. i run mine in a big heatshink with thermal compund no more then 1 minute on 2-3 minutes off. i have no...
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    Free kfc meal!!!!

    i think it might of been consdered spyware due to its rememberance of your ip and that u print it 4 times then sends it to its daddy!
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    FDA and Laser Hobiest?

    thanks frothy. i looked for weeks to find that answer. if you do leave, i want to say thanks for helping with sharing the knowledge you have/had. now on to the next project!
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    trouble reseting passwords? - then read.

    i actually had to reset it 2 times.
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    Moving to new forum system, vbulletin, soon

    I wish i woulda seen a little notice before hand. but im good. everything has to change at one point or another to keep it going and to keep up with current tech/programming.
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    Pioneer 8X Blu-Ray-- BDR-203

    anyone know where i can pick up one of these BDR-203 diodes for and how much???? these 8xs are fn sweet!
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    Here is my laser at about 130 ma. found a descent size piece of aluminum and drilled it out, installed some thermal compount that i was using for my processor installation in my pc. now all i need is a 5 ohm resistor and i will remake the driver to support more heat. (IE. heat sink on the...