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    need help

    This might sound really bad and "noobish" but anyways i bought a laser of laserlands and i didnt get a battery so i was waiting a bit befor i could buy one. now the site has no info on my laser and i forget my battery type and cannot buy one. my laser is a 501-50mw Focusable Green Laser Pointer...
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    Help Battery Help

    Okay so i bough this laser - 501-50mw Focusable Green Laser Pointer it says to get a 18650 li-on battery to drive it. i googled to buy one but idk were to buy one or what "button top" or normal idk i need help please link me to a good place that sells them and if i need button top or not thanks :)
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    well i guess ill find out and write review good or bad.
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    is this a legit site? i bought this 501-50mw Focusable Green Laser Pointer a day ago but it seems fishy... anyone know anything on this site