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  • Our Car going to SELEM early Wed 8/17 needs one more body-- Best meet up spots will be Houston very early or Dallas FW before 11 am- ALSO able to pick up someone along the Route--I 30. Spots to stay are easy to get several are looking for roomies. if your funds are very you could save $50 and come as a guest (no shirt) So you would need gas $$ and about 90$ for three nights at the Holiday Inn Express in Conover--PM me ASAP --PLEASE
    Hi -- just checking with you to see if you might want to make a trip to Newton NC for the SELEM V event.(leaving Wed.Aug 18th back following Monday early) Several cars are leaving from Tx. I went last yr and really enjoyed every minute. also I would really appreciate any help you can give me on improving upon my reviewing/testing skillz on these two threads--THNX hak

    please answer in PM--

    and here:
    yeah i'll use you as a reference so you can get the 5% discount but what do you mean i will get it for free? thanks.
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