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    Cubote Laser Review

    cubote at March 31 at 00.45 (GMT +7) account suspended. Well ... I think coldshadow should stop the ads ... dont you think ? And for Upaa, lucky you got a merchandise :p
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    I want to make a white laser

    Dude, love white laser. If I'm not mistaken, there was a web selling tools to mix them using fiber optics. I think that would be a lot easier (dunno its price). I'll let you and other members when I found it again.
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    Earth Day

    Hi, just lazing at Earth Day March 28, 2015. Just a few pics from central of my capitol city of Indonesia, Jakarta. :beer: Any one that have pics that shine the night of the mother earth are welcome and please add some light. If you dont, well . . . wait until next Earth Day. :na: Mine Green...
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    DX "200mW" green module

    Damn, my green dying because of pot mod :(
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    [The Blood Club] 1.1W Oclaro Weapon (HL63193MG)

    Well, can you mixed it with stun gun. You could make it 3 in 1 defence weapon. A dazzler, a stun gun, and a smashing batton. :D
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    Self-Defense ~ Bear with me for a moment!

    Well, I think at here in Indonesia, I never see law officers use dazzler. But in my opinion, dazzler in not very effective in short range with many people that threaten you (just like a riot). I think dazzler is just to not focusing the beam, rather than to disperse it. I got modified, simple...
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    DX "200mW" green module

    Well, I saw once Astralist's IR laser with my phone and it looks differently to see it bare eyes (effect of handphone camera ?? :undecided). IR filter... is there any DO like the green one does ? Never heard IR Filter DO 5 ....hmm...it should have, shouldn't it ?
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    DX "200mW" green module

    Well, If I cover the 532nM with googles, there is uhm...yellowish spot on the wall, is that the IR light ? If that is so then, I should cek how many watt it is. Second thought, should buy pure green non DPSS like 520nM perhaps :beer::beer:
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    DX "200mW" green module

    Is there difference between 200 mW and 50 mW physically ?? Just bough 3 pcs 50 mW and I just can see the diffence at crstal and it's light not as bright as 200 mW. And any picture of the "IR Filter" is ??
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    White Laser

    Thanks Bro, rhd & cyparagon. I have an idea of combining those wave length throough fiber optics. In my opinion, it is easier rather than align the mirrors to make them one line. May be an end glow or side glow. Any suggestions or more idea ?? :) (EDITTED) ....for safety googles...which one...
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    DX "200mW" green module

    Well, long shipping from August 7 to October 7 :gun: 1. No Lead wires off until 3 days :wave: 2. Bad luck on glasses (still bad lumination / dirty lens ??) Here it is check with Astralist (my fellow Indonesian LPF member) LaserBee II OEM. MAX : 98 mW ($ 29.9 worthed ??) BATTERY : 4.08 V (use...
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    Green Anodized Heat Sinks Now at Survival Laser

    Hi, package just arrived yesterday, thanks. Very good workmanship, smooth. I have order some like in SL though they are less expensive but lack of quality (not too smooth), big screw. Well, I have no idea the first time I took copper heat sink... pretty heavy instead of alumunium. :o There are...
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    Member Map

    Add me too please user : enjoyjakarta city : jakarta country : Indonesia GPS : -6.159568,106.828526
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    Bro, when you have a spare time to check my laser ? thanks. Prefer salemba, near my house at...

    Bro, when you have a spare time to check my laser ? thanks. Prefer salemba, near my house at pasar baru. (