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    Pricedrop!: Offroad's Laserbtb sales thread!

    I'm interested in the 445nm 1w what kind of battery does it take? I already have a battery charger, does it come with batteries? I'm located in the US. What brand is the laser? And what is the difference between the two? Itooks like maybe the second one can focus? Sorry for all the questions...
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    O-Like NX-50P 250mW Red Pointer Review

    Thanks haha let me know how it goes! Okay I'm probably going to get a 100mw green and save money for a 1w blue then.
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    O-Like NX-50P 250mW Red Pointer Review

    If you've got time that would be terrific I would really appreciate it! If it can't light a cigarette I think I will buy the green 100mw. As it can light matches, pop balloons, and still cut tape. The beam will look a lot better too I'm thinking.
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    O-Like NX-50P 250mW Red Pointer Review

    @tmackbb4 Okay thanks, even with holding it directly on and focused for 30 seconds? There's tons of youtube videos with supposed 200mw that can light cigarettes. Like this one here:200mw laser lights cigarette - YouTube Do you think any beam at all would be visible in daylight indoors...
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    O-Like NX-50P 250mW Red Pointer Review

    Thanks for doing this review, I was looking at the exact same laser the other day but I was skeptical because the price seemed so good. I would love it if you could upload those beamshots even if it isnt that good quality. Can you see a faint beam indoors or is the beam not visible? Also could...