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    DX Shipped & Completed

    that's really sad - actually something like that happened to me, though with a different product and supplier - the post office waas supposed to deliver it to my house and i was supposed to sign for it, after a long time a note was left on our door stating that we should collect it from the post...
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    Smoke Machine!

    water based means 'includes glycerin' ... which is mixed with the water and forms the fog. Other fog machines you refer to are probably hazers and these use small amounts of mineral oil. - if you didn't buy the hazer, don't go mixing up different substances with the fog juice, because of the...
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    Disposable camera capacitors=BIG spark

    sparks store energy in them, that can be counted as joules (or indeed calories). Energy in Coke can also be calculated in the same way. I have a nice working NST, +secondary coil and topload but no HV caps... :( ahh the irony...
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    Disposable camera capacitors=BIG spark

    my biggest caps are 8000 MFD at 80Volt (x2) in  power supply for my amplifier... that's a fair few joules... but it's not the biggest ever... which according to http ://www.electronics2000.co.uk/calc/caclchrg.htm is 25.6 Joules Now your standard bottle of Classic Coke is 140 Calories which...
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    duty cycle of 5mW greens

    If you are using a water cooled (or air cooled) gas filled chamber based ionising laser, then yes, they can overheat if something goes wrong in the cooling. If you are using a pointer then unless something is badly wrong with the unit in question, NO. they will not.
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    Deal Extreme 50mW Greenie +pics

    i really ought to show you guys pics of my 'diy' scanner from a 'bar code scanner' (DUH) ... it's a 'cris/cross' version that puts out a square 'array of lines' - looks mad in fog with the '50mw' laser shining into it!... of course that would be another topic... i'll see if i can set that up...
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    Deal Extreme 50mW Greenie +pics

    the two lasers _ very cool, more pictures in subsequent posts the nearer one is the Deal extreme model "50 mW" ... This one shows how the lasers are quite different the exif info is as follows: f/stop 2.7 Exposure time: 1/60 th sec Camera S3 IS
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    Deal Extreme 50mW Greenie +pics

    the two lasers _ very cool, more pictures in subsequent posts the nearer one is the Deal extreme model "50 mW" ...
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    Deal Extreme 50mW Greenie +pics

    the two lasers _ very cool, more pictures in subsequent posts the nearer one is the Deal extreme model "50 mW" ... The far one is a Ebay buy from the seller: chingsumsum (but i don't think they carry them anymore - besides they were twice the price of the DX model.)
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    Fog Machine Tips

    maybe i was thinking about the gasses used in the 1960's series of batman and robin... which may have been dyed powders (the same way talcompowder would 'poof' ...
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    Fun, impractical, uses for lasers!

    given the inefficiency of lasers these days, i'd say just about any use is 'impractical' :P here's my list; - multiple laser pointers that fill up space on my 'useless gadget shelf'. - Laser car fog lights. (they may not work well, but UUUber coolness value!) - lasers + motion sensors to...
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    Fog Machine Tips

    i'd love to know how they make the 'toxic' dark green colored fog that features in Dr Who and other TV shows every so often... i'm sure they were doing that long before digital after effects were added to television... it's just that i can't picture a gas that is coloured ... i can't think of...
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    LED Driver - BuckPuck 3021

    These critters supply fixed current variable voltage... which i think is not what lasers want (at least not laser experimenters) - to experiment with LD's i think what we are looking for is a constant (but adjustable) current source, to determine the current at which the diode 'performs best'.
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    What are these REALLY? "Ir vision" glasses

    LN2 temps? remind me what they are? i wonder how much power a peltier device would take (and how cold it would get) before it becomes useable for this application - oh and also immoveable - then again, there's the IR sensors and to get a resolution any higher than 320x240 you're paying...
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    AixiZ modules..I never knew.....

    the LED may provide a little bit of voltage 'regulation' or current limiting to the LD. possibly even something set up in a feedback loop to stop the power source being completely drained after the voltage drops below a given threshold. of course, one would need to see the circuit diagram to...