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    1W Laser for Self Defense in an Active Shooter Situation

    So the following post apparently got me started out with a Negative Rep from RedCowboy - which was not posted for him - it was posted for the OP to help with alternatives better than a laser in an active shooter situation or similar. If that's the way this forum is going to be then I don't...
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    One other option on the Guardian I am a bit confused about is the "Smooth" versus "Stainless Smooth" Style option (both same price). Is one Aluminum and one Stainless - I thought they were all stainless steel except the Red Copper Guardian. :thanks: again paul1598419 for the help on the...
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    American based, handheld laser companies that are large/reasonably priced?

    Sorry to hear of the bad luck with PayPal. Been using them since 1999 and have had thousands of trouble free transactions. I suggest people set up a second bank checking account (hopefully one that is free) and only keeping a minimum amount in it and only adding to it (usually you can...
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Thank you paul1598419! That makes good sense and I knew it had to be something along those lines. I would want the 200mw in that case. The Guardians look like a very nice pocket carry unit.
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Looking at the Sanwu Guardian laser. The 635nm 200mw Bright Red (single mode diode) seems to be the same price as the The 635nm 800mw Bright Red model. Since the 800mw is 4 times the power why is it the same price or I should say why is the 200mw the same price as the 800mw. I'll assume it...
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    Brass host!

    Very nice looking host! Thinking about it since I've got a nice AW 18500 sitting here unused :) So this has both a tail switch and side switch? In series or in parallel? New to much of this but good with modding electronics and flashlights. What is needed or suggested to complete this...
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I was aware of some of the science and industry uses as well as network uses (fiber optics) and military but wasn't aware of uses in making holograms. That sounds fascinating. I guess I am mostly interested in what type of uses hobbyists here find for them.
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    Hello laser enthusiasts! Longtime member of a big flashlight forum and not new to lasers either but haven't owned much in the way of lasers except a 30mw green and a 30 watt CO2 laser (only had the laser part and not the power supply or CO2 parts so never fired it up. Sold some years ago)...