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    NEW PRODUCTS - Hot of the productin line!

    Hi everyone, It gives me great pleasure to provide below an official company announcement on some hot new products from Dragonlasers. I will not be following up this thread so if you have any questions, please email me at frank@dragonlasers.com And no, I do not know when the new beam expander...
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    Laser Fraud on Craigslists - Fake Dragonlasers Viper Laser

    Good morning all :) One of our customers just brought to my attention that some wingnut is selling a piece of junk ebay laser on Craigslist as a 300mW Viper laser. You can see the listing here "Fake Craigslist Viper listing" Not only is this wingnut a liar, he/she is also a moron. If you can...
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    New Super High Power Blue & Orange Lasers from Dragonlasers

    FINALLY..... affordable high power orange lasers!!! We've had a lot of people asking for cheap high power orange lasers so we've finally made some using the popular Spartan build. Prepare yourselves for 5mW and (gasp) 50mW 589nm Spartan lasers. You can find them on our website here Click Me...
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    1 Watt Spartan Lasers BACK ON SALE!!!

    We have caught up on the backlog of shipping so the 1 watt 447nm Spartan laser pointers are now back on sale (CROWD ROARS!!!) You can find them on our website here =>click here <= For the time being, orders should be shipped within one week of being made.
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    No more Spartan 1W 445??!!!

    That made me smile, cool sense of humor :)
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    No more Spartan 1W 445??!!!

    bbshamsa rest assured there will be more 1 watt spartans. This is just temporary. Sorry to hijack your thread, the details on the temporary stop can be read on this thread http://laserpointerforums.com/f65/temporary-stop-sales-1-watt-spartan-lasers-55321.html#post779618
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    Temporary stop on the sales of 1 watt Spartan Lasers

    We are falling behind on the shipping of 1 watt Spartan lasers so we have removed those lasers from the website and will not be taking any more orders until we catch up with the shipping back log. I expect everything to be back to normal well within two weeks. if you'd like an update on your...
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    Dragonlasers Shipping times for 447nm laser orders

    Sorry every one, orders for the 447nm lasers are now taking longer to ship. All new orders made on or after the 30th of August will take 10 to 15 days to ship. Nearly all orders made before the 30th will be shipped wihtin the promised 8-10 days. Customers of the few lasers that are not shipped...
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    Follow Dragonlasers on Facebook

    Dragonlasers has set up a fan page on face book that is getting popular Click here +> Dragonlasers | Facebook <= Click here Feel free to come over, click on the thumbs up like button and hang out. You can keep up to date with the latest DL happening, post DL related stuff and see what every one...
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    Best Place to get Goggles for 1W 445nm?

    Hi Braddubya Another choice are our glasses you can see here CLICK =) Laser Safety glasses for 445-447nm lasers OD>4 and you can see a graph of the OD here http://www.dragonlasers.com/catalog/photos/LSG02_OD.jpg You can't afford mistakes with the power these lasers produce so be sure that the...
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    1 watt 447nm Laser Pointers from Dragonlasers Now Available

    The original battery information posted for the Spartan 400mW and 1 watt models is incorrect. These models take two CR123 batteries NOT 18650 batteries.
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    1 watt 447nm Laser Pointers from Dragonlasers Now Available

    First of the 447nm portable lasers were shipped Thursday. Expecting more shipped next week. You can check out Dragonlasers facebook fan page for updates Click Here => Dragonlasers | Facebook
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    1 watt 447nm Laser Pointers from Dragonlasers Now Available

    Thread updated with battery and warranty information
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    1 watt 447nm Laser Pointers from Dragonlasers Now Available

    Good afternoon forumites, Dragonlasers is now selling 200mW, 400mW and 1000mW 447nm laser pointers. Aurora 200mW 447nm Spartan 400nm 447nm Spartan 1000mW 447nm It is a new product, just of the assembly lines and out of the testing rooms so to speak so exact specifications are not...
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    447nm aka 445nm Blue Lab Lasers Now Available from Dragonlasers

    Hi everyone, A quick post to let you know that Dragonlasers is now selling 447nm lab lasers on our website. I’ve listed links below to the 3 different power levels we have 20mW 447nm 20mW Blue Laser - Lab Laser 300mW 447nm 300mW Blue Laser - Lab Laser 1 watt 447nm 1Watt Blue Laser - Lab...