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    what heatsink is in the Thor h2 1.6w and 3w

    Hi this is Don and thanks again for texting me.Can you please text me and tell me what heatsink is in Thor h2 I'm thinking about going ahead and just upgrading mine to 7w is there somewhere I get data sheets and all parts used in it. thank you email is greenwalt8887@gmail.com
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    I need a replacement lens for Thor H series pointer.

    Thanks guys for all the help.I'm a little raw and new at this so bare with me it been a long time ago that Ive joined a fourm and ask questions and did this so will probably make a lot of mistake but Thank for the help. PS and buy the way laser pointer store has started to make thing right with...
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    I need a replacement lens for Thor H series pointer.

    Thank for info on glass lens
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    Laser Pointer Store Introduction

    Hey this is Don I just got my h2 3 w laser but it has no delay when turned on the tell me that they sent 1.6 watt how do I get this resolved with at least a credit or something was going to get expander but will wait to see what the laser store do first Thank You my email is greenwalt8887@gmail.com