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  • Can you please type proper English? It's a mission to understand you:
    You're = you are
    Your = possessive 'you'
    Attack = action for being offensive
    Attach = action for combining something onto something
    "What if I ran into a Mickdonalds and told everyone they can't be my Doctor because they have no training" <-- You don't even make sense
    "I still wait for a reply" => I'm still waiting for a reply
    Replay = repeat something
    Reply = answer to something
    We're = we are
    Where = in what location or circumstance
    "No complaints should be here" => There should be no complains here.
    "The red it really doesn't care" [you're not Yoda] => It doesn't really care about the red.
    "Or is it a static method of trackIng" <-- there's no such thing as a static method of tracking (an unchanging method of tracking? That doesn't make sense whatsoever)

    You're from the United States, you have no excuse. You're rep will improve if you are comprehensible.
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