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  • DeadEye is back.:wave: We are NOW taking orders for a limited run and getting cash together for retooling. We would do a basic model on the Sirius1 & the Sirius1-C...all would be unique, no two would be the same. What does this mean for you? This means that if you want one of the beautiful and functional works of metal sculptures to house your laser creation...you're in luck! Existing LPF Members (as of 06/15/2013) get over 30% savings over anyone else. New members (after 06/15/2013) will not be getting this special discount. PM me if you want more info!
    hello i am new to all this laser building plz can some one tell me all the parts needed to make a strong laser thanx
    hello i was realy amazed at that sirius host that is so cool and must of taken some time, i was wondering if you could maybe give me a few pointers on how i could make my own i have my own matchine or maybe you could sell me one or something plz message me back thatnks!!!
    Welcome to LPF. You will be a breath of fresh air to the forum!
    I tried to register to your web site but was unable to. Don't know
    what I was doing wrong. I will try again later when you site has
    been up and running for a while.
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