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  • Hey Dave link me to the eBay guy w/ green labbies.also the dorcey br burner we got- ok to use the rechargeable 123 's from DX? Thanks. Enjoyed the phone chat earlier.and check out a CBS for me when you have time.
    62 posts into the "does dr lave owe me a 12x because he sent me a non preset driver" and you are the only person that thought to ask... hey post a pic of the driver in question... that literally solved the problem.... if i could i would +1 ya man.
    Hi I just bought a 250mW 405nm blu-ray laser (check out the link)

    250mW+]250mW+ 405nm High Power Blue-Violet Laser Diode Module - eBay (item 280507873408 end time May-23-10 08:40:47 PDT) 405nm High Power Blue-Violet Laser Diode Module - eBay (item 280507873408 end time May-23-10 08:40:47 PDT)[/url]

    I also bought the a micro drive v3 from rkcstr

    And then I intend on powering it with 2 3.7volt rechargeable batteries

    I had also bought a lasorb which will protect my laser from positive or negative ESD charges.

    I am wondering at what mA should I drive the laser diode to and how do I know its at a certain mA.

    And also please let me know if there is anything wrong with what I bought and if im missing any key parts

    could not find any posts from Chalkboard did he write you all that crap in PM??
    Niko ffs where do you get all of this useless stuff? I mean do you actually search all over the place? Or is there a private club at the very end boarders of the internet...
    hate to trouble you again, but thank you so much for the speedy delivery/assembly. I received the laser today, and it worked fine (better than fine, I might add) until just 10 minutes ago it stopped lasing for no reason after about 30-40 seconds of being on. Changed battery to a fully charged one, still no sign of purple. The EZFocus was not involved this time, and does not seem to have anything to do with it. The usual/basic troubleshooting steps have been taken, to no success. Your thoughts? thanks, -cmak
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