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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    The doctor marked me as disabled, gave me job restrictions that kept me from work, and then tried getting me to go to work for a job that my restrictions excluded. The MRI clearly showed damage to disks as well as spinal arthritis. The latter of which has never been an issue. The former of...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    Two separate things going on. I have both the issue with workers comp, and the issue with USAA refusing to make a reasonable settlement on my car. Literally to the point of pulling vehicle specifications out of nowhere to devalue their cherry picked comp vehicles. USAA financed the car last june...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    I'm not concerned about the other driver really. I am suing USAA for both breach of contract and bad faith though. Hopefully something comes out of this although no doubt it will come with a NDA attached. Still have to figure out what to do about the injury. I just wish for now that it would...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    Yeah, I expected it. The doctor was obviously bought and paid for from the beginning. I had to fight with my managers to get things started. The doctor was determined to ignore symptoms to fit the diagnosis he wanted to give and was determined to clear me for work. It took half a dozen phone...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    Well, my employer just sped up my process of getting a hold of an attorney for that mess. They decided to so kindly send me a legal notice saying they are filing a petition to cover absolutely nothing due to the injury being "preexisting". I'm fairly certain that at 23 years old, with absolutely...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    Nope. No health insurance. Never have been able to afford it. Not working a part time retail job at $10/hr. I'm certain the arthritis is preexisting as I have had joint pain since childhood but absolutely no history of back pain or other issues. The entire things just really feels like he was...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    The refusal of the morphine injection was on the initial visit before hydrocodone was prescribed. It did unfortunately give the doctor an easy way to recommend a nonsense treatment that I would refuse. The treatment he was so desperate to push is controversial at best, illegal in some states at...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    Yeah, the crash wasn't even at high speed, 30MPH. I was changing lanes into what should have been a clear lane and i'm certain the other driver had ran a red light. It did frame damage though and the car is a total loss. Hopefully. I've got to figure something out. The worker's comp doctor was...
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    Why I haven't been active lately.

    For those that may care, I haven't been very active this year so far. Last year, November 5th, I hurt my back at work and it has not made any progress on healing, if anything it is getting worse. I am out of work due to it, not getting anything for workers comp, (about to be retaining an...
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    greenie recommendations please

    If you can't put in the fifteen minutes of research time to get an answer to the often answered question, did you put in the research time to look into laser safety and the risks involved or was that going to also take too much time?
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    My 493nm 'Jetlasers Ti-B' Build

    Ok then, amazing host, amazing wavelength. Is a win-win in my book. :gj:
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    Will my tank glass be safe?

    I am not aware of ANY case where lasers were successful in getting rid of those evil things. You leave one tiny piece behind and it will grow a new one and then spread with a vengeance. I'd be worried it would trigger some self preservation thing and make them reproduce even faster. Not sure if...
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    Alien Life

    I voted yes. Seems like an awful waste of space if us semi-intelligent beings are the only "intelligent" life out there. I just don't expect SETI to find any proof. How many of our communications would actually be detectable on a cosmic scale if you didn't know exactly where to look and what to...
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    LPF's Religion

    Why do people act as if science and religion cannot co-exist? This is something I have never understood. I firmly believe in science, just the way I am. I believe what I can see. Yet at the same time, although shaky at best, I believe in god at the same time. Do I read the bible or have it...
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    Cheap way to clean plastic lenses?

    The little 3m lens polishing and restoration kit works wonders and IIRC cost ~$15 Found it on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/3M-39164-Headlight-Restoration-Medium/dp/B012OE50BI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518320573&sr=8-1&keywords=3m+39164 Takes a few hours with some elbow grease but you could...