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  • Nothing to thank for, Oliver. It is just as it is. I would say "to feed a missunderstanding" instead. Keep your peace in your heart/mind and not allow anybody to take it from you. It is the key to keep hapiness IMO. ;) And we do not know that guy anyway and I noticed he is putting some info in his profile, so not sure if he is really troll. But definitely if that post was mentioned to you - he should apologize for that.
    Huh?? Don't they look alot brighter to the eye? Good to know though.
    Has to be an efficient diode to look that good? Or am I way wrong:eek:
    I just literally posted on that. Someone should do a test. Did you notice the colour go slightly bluer when cold?
    I ended up posting that freezer part but even though I put a little scotch tape over the tip it did seem to get some condensation on the lens and it worried me a bit but came through clean at the end. I did have it in for 10 minutes though and really didn't I guess "wrap it" proper but it was for sure noticibly brighter.
    Nice:) So it looks like we all agree that its a decent unit and just maby the OP didn't power it right, or just did something wrong by mistake. I did unscrew the battery tube also then realized it could of twisted of the driver wires:rolleyes: Put it in the freezer for a few:shhh: and you will see a nice little increase brightness till it warms up and settles again:shhh:
    I'm not sure of the exact laws but you can I think if its less than 2 battery's, or if its in the host???Not sure also of oversea's shipping?? When they ask at the P.O. desk I just say no:shhh: I only sent a few twice though. How is UK customs?
    I have to look up that Scientech365:)
    Well the offer is still there, my cheapie treat..I wouldn't let to many know you have a LPM and only reason you didn't use it all that time was the adapter cord:crackup::tsk::whistle::thinking::cryyy::can::shhh::banghead::):)
    Well it just said China? but its active now on the Post Office.
    How hard is it for you to get battery's. I can give you 2 cheapie GTL 16340's no problem..
    Curtis, let me know if laserlands gets back to you in any way? I emailed a few hours ago just about when he posted. Still waiting...
    Your a wealth of knowledge my friend:beer: but i'm afraid someone lost those executive bathroom keys:whistle::whistle:
    Age has a way of creeping up fast:cryyy: so being a kid isn't all to bad:beer:
    Thanks for the rep, my rep might be high but not due to much more reason than I simply get a lot of return reps for giving 10 reps out every single day, 7 days a week, all year long. I appreciate more reps because then I can give out more. For a long time it took months just to get 100 reps, not anymore, so much has been spread around the rep counts are climbing fast for active members, used to be there were only a very few members with over 500 reps, now it is not so uncommon.
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