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  • Yes, that's an awesome place. I used to walk and ride foldable mini scooter in direction to Victoria park as well as to Camden town through Angel, since there is a tunnel with no foot path, King's Cross further to the area of London ZOO. So many boats, relaxed atmosphere and having BBQs on locks was awesome. I spent a lot of time at these places studying stuff for school.
    Still, statisticaly it is not likely to happen as more likelihood is you are hit by car in accident. But that feeling there are these people nearby is damaging the enjoynment from the city as I would watch for anything suspicious more than enjoying it. I used to live in Shoreditch in London. Next to Regent's canal. Like 10 minutes walk to Old Street tube station. Great place for living, calm and not far from anything in centre. In night and early mornings there were even gray foxes in the park usual to meet.
    Hi, Oliver, I've just noticed your new avatar. Crazy world. I hope you and all around you are ok. Since I lived in London during part of my master's studies, it is like happening at my home as well. :( I wanted to show London to my girlfriend this summer as one of the destinations about to visit...
    I would hate to think a friend also but people can have a hidden psych issue that's not necessaryly evil but a strange impulse control.
    I have a neighbor that will put things on my cars window's wether it's tape or a chicken bone. He will also turn on my lights if I happen to leave my car unlocked just to kill my battery. I don't consider him a friend though more of a neighbor? I really don't know were i'm going with this, but you never know?:undecided:
    Now if I can think of something cleaver to say:rolleyes:
    I really hope you get this thief thing sorted out and make him pay..:mad:
    If you see your avatar flash up on my profile, then don't panic. I am testing them before I send them to you. This way it will reduce the amount of times I need to edit and share them. :D
    I was on a mission trying to spread to get you to that sweet 8K:shhh::shhh::shhh::shhh:
    Well deserved:beer:
    Don't worry about me buddie as i'm happy were i'm at:eek:
    :beer:Hope your getting better, as it seems these season changes are doing a number on people:thinking: Its funny how we notice when someone is a bit MIA:)
    You are welcome. You deserved it many times and I wish I could give you more. ;)
    The fact is he did not specified what he mean by "portals". So, what if he thought about an automatic door? :D This is why I gave him an answer what I gave in the first post as these are the most "real" portals available with current technology. Not to mention that depths of our brains might be opened by various ways - one my friend compared my latest artwork to LSD effects for example - so these are portals as well.

    But as we discussed the worm holes - all that stuff is much more complicated and without kind of exotic matter we cannot keep the worm hole open for enough time to allow anything macroscopic to go through. However we might take worm holes (supposed to be) naturally created in quantum foam and enlarge them for some time. But we need that exotic matter for that and noone knows where to find some.
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