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  • No apologies, you do have a life:) I'm just an old fogy:can: with nothing better to do...
    You are due for one as soon as my 24 hour's are over..buddie..
    Iv'e been trying for 2 day's to get you to the 16K:banghead: Now I reached my 24 hour limit?? I swear sometimes I feel its easier to rep some members more?:thinking:
    Oh, that's something... No words. Really first non vet? I know that repflation apply, but still I hope it was deserved and not for free. Thank you, Oliver. And thanks to LPF community here. I hope I'll not dissapoint in the future. Kind of responsibility is here... ;)

    Anyway I think I'll celebrate this a bit today, it's Friday. :D I will go biking in the forest a bit and maybe I'll see our local church, since it's "Night of the churches" happening in my country today and the tower with mechanical clocks and bell system will be opened to public. I was there already, but it is always nice to see these vintage systems still working and enjoy the views. ;)
    No prob. Have a good night. I have one hour more in my time zone, so you know -time to sleep. :D
    It is really interesting for me how public transport is solved. In Prague there is metro (tube), buses, trains, small boats (and bigger, but not part of one ticket AFAIK), one cable car. In San Francisco, buses, historic trams, trolleybuses, vintage cable cars, BART covering Bay area, trains, and kind of metro/tram solution. Also there are boats. All of these are covered by one ticket solution - I bought Clipper card there with prepaid ticket and even cable cars were not charged extra (7 USD - as I was there), so I used them often as normal transport. I loved smell of burning braking pad pine wood (one of the brake systems used). How the gripman controlled it. How it is powered and entire system of it. One cable car station was next block I lived there. Spectracular views. I even knew some gripmans and after a few days of my stay and exploration of the city tourists asked me for way.
    Yes. :D BTW I took speed boat from Greenwich to centre. Greenwich - another place I love - I was there even for horse show jumping competition (Queen was there at the moment I think) during Olympics in 2012. I love Cutty Sark and its history (need to visit still), park (a few beers and wine bottles drinked there with my friend), meridian, observatory... Even cablecar is awesome and pedestrian tunnel below Thames! Accros the river there is Siemens centre (need to visit) etc. And public transport system combining tube, buses, classic cabs (they are part of it), trains etc. was announced to be the best in the world AFAIK. Fast, convenient, adaptive, covering the needs of the city... I like it a lot.
    Entire London is awesome. Every part looks somohw the same, but is completely different. Various cultures from entire world are there. So much opportunities. I also love Soho, with many galleries, great cinema Curzon there. Next time I plan to go to Lights of Soho gallery, which insta account followed me and liked some earlier artwork. That made me interested to visit it next time (maybe this summer). I like China Town. I love beautiful history found everywhere and often neighbouring new and modern buildings. I love smelly and dirty Thames and South Bank with Tarte modern, reminding me large crematorium from outside and airship dock from inside. I love meeting artists performing there. I love various pubs, English, Irish and so... I love parks there, various activities... It's specific weather... How crowded it is and how narrow paths are there. Eventhough that morning tube travel in peak sucks. So much things, so much memories... I think I just love it.
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