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  • I saw when Alaskan mentioned it was sold and my heart dropped for minute till I saw you got the bid:) How much time do you think in shipping?
    You must think i'm losing it by sending the PM:can:, but if you had time on your hands and followed some of the threads with Isaac, there's a heck of a close resemblance in claimed knowledge and style. Looking at the pick of Isaac's module, compared to "Solomens" they might not be the same though now that I look closely. Hey i'm bored and broke:eek:
    That's a really cool signature you have Curtis, especially the part which lists your lasers. Nice! ;)
    It's too funny but so true:thinking: Like I had said i'm greedy and want to always bring someone to the next level:eek::eg: It's just so fun..Thx Curtis buddie:beer:
    I tend to just ignore the 24 hour limit square quickly when I see it, and i'm thinking there might be a few more words written?? or no?
    ???:undecided: I also see the 24 hour limit on some I try to post when i'm not do to rep them but others say you must spread more. Wonder why is that? I know last time I repped you was on the 23rd and still your not due? :thinking:
    I know you do buddie;) From like 3 days ago when you at 49K+ I tried to get you to the 50K club and I still can't rep you..I don't get it at times, it seems sometimes the "system" of having to spread a certain amount isn't always accurate?? Is it me:undecided:
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