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  • Hey Curtis i'm lucky to know how to even turn on my laptop:whistle:
    but I believe everything you say:beer:
    You mean you went through the process of individually setting 300+ colors and it didn't show:eek:
    :crackup: I does drive me crazy when I think someone thinks I missed them..
    I know you always rep me and your on my always list:)
    Thanks Curtis, your rep and comment is very appreciated. I'm preparing my third book/article on further dimensions of my Surreal World a lot ot art is in my library a lot of thoughts is about to be expressed by one laser blink. Laser Dot is awesome and of infinite options... All universe can fit one small laser dot, what is fascinating. ;)
    Alway's:) and again Happy 23:beer: You got years ahead of awesome things to come and keep being the good kid you are;)
    Would you believe you were only 2 other's reps away:whistle:
    Oh, thanks a lot, Oliver. I was about to write Avery soon. But anyway thanks again. :)
    Curtis, I'm well, I've missed all of you tremendously.
    Been super busy with work, my business has expanded and I needed to concentrate on work.
    I'll be back in the next day or two.
    Hope you're well, tell everyone I'm ok and I apologise for my long absence.
    I saw when Alaskan mentioned it was sold and my heart dropped for minute till I saw you got the bid:) How much time do you think in shipping?
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