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    500mw blue laser problem.

    Thanks for the fast response! In your experience, can our eyes tell the difference between a 300mW and 500mW blue laser of this kind(step motor laser for parties, not in laser pointers)?
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    Hello guys!!!

    Welcome to the fantastic laser world. what fancy equipment do you have?
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    500mw blue laser problem.

    I know this is an old post. but just wonder usually how can you tell if a blue laser is 500mW? From the video, anyone knows if this party laser is really 500mW or below? 500mW Blue Laser Light- Best DJ Laser B500
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    New laser show "Monkeyhands Strange 11"

    Looks fancy!!
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    help noob choose a projector

    Have your found a cheap enough one? Anyone know if this price good enough? http://www.lighting-geek.com/rgb-laser-projector-full-color
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    Greetings from sunny Ireland!

    Welcome! Greetings from WA.