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    HELP with PLS6.150D

    Thanks for your help. I think i have fixed the issue. The culprit was Corel Draw version x6 I had. I just tested in the 2020 Corel version and it worked like a charm.
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    HELP with PLS6.150D

    Yea i figured it was an issue between the file and the software. Would you by chance have any idea where i can find the noise reduction. I looked up on google for this issue but nothing there.
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    HELP with PLS6.150D

    Hi I have had this machine for about 3 years and has been going smooth, however i am having an issue cutting a file. File in question is This is the file, the red lines are for vector cutting and the black parts are for raster. But as soon as i print the file the ULS control panel turns...