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    Remember to exercise those argons!

    Friendly reminder. I forgot about my Argon for nearly a year, and it wouldn't start up. Got plasma, but no laser. I zapped it with an Oudin coil and then it ticked for a minute and started up. Ran it a little above idle for 4 hours. Turned it on again a little later and it started right up...
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    LK-PD2 Projector 500mW

    The projector is sold!
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    LK-PD2 Projector 500mW

    Just replied with lots of info, let me know if you need anything else.
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    LK-PD2 Projector 500mW

    I await your reply, Jstr.
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    LK-PD2 Projector 500mW

    Hey, you're in NJ, maybe I could deliver it and you could save on shipping costs! :)
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    LK-PD2 Projector 500mW

    I bought this in a group buy here a couple years ago. I have upgraded to an analog projector so I am selling this one. It works perfectly and is in great cosmetic condition. It has very few hours on it as I have only used it for one backyard show. I have another Laserking projector I got at...
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    Working HeCd for $330

    Where is bloompyle? :yh:
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    really dumb question time

    I actually built the kipkay maglite laser way back when, which is a direct battery to diode build. The diode is from a dvd burner, and I have no idea what the specs are. I have had this laser for 7 years and it still works fine. It runs off 2 AA batteries or 1 Li-Ion battery, and there's no...
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    LSO-- Laser Safety Officer- a tutorial--

    Subscribing. I doubt I'll ever look for work in a laser related field, but I think this is a good certification to have even for a backyard projectionist. I doubt I'll make it to SELEM this year (family obligations), but I will consider taking this course in the future.
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    SHIPPING!!& DELIVERY ASAP UPDATE!!Laserprojector group buy # 4 Time to send PAYMENTS

    Re: SHIPPING!!& DELIVERY ASAP UPDATE!!Laserprojector group buy # 4 Time to send PAYM I have the LK-SD 850mw and it was set to chinese when I got it too. The method to change the language was to push in the larger dial (it's a button) while powering on the projector. I think you have to hold...
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    SHIPPING!!& DELIVERY ASAP UPDATE!!Laserprojector group buy # 4 Time to send PAYMENTS

    Re: Laserprojector group buy # 4 Hak, are you offering Pangolin's Beyond? What is the price if I already have an FB3? I *might* be interested, PM me if need be. BTW, I highly recommend the LK-PD2 and LK-SD, I own both. The lumia effect on the PD2 is great.
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    pics from 8/10

    Your pictures are always awesome. For a second I thought I was looking at a beam show - nope, just some meticulously set up optics and handhelds. Very cool, and thanks for sharing.
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    Selem 2013

    We are heading out early tomorrow and have a 550mi drive. Should be there by mid afternoon.
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    Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

    Yes, you can look at the beam with no protection, and no don't look at the dot on any surface that close.
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    Linna projector update & HAK's Latest GB UPDATE THread

    Hak posted an update at the ROG group. Basically they didn't have enough LK-SD housings to build all the projectors so they haven't shipped any yet.