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  • Just sent a friend req.
    also an invite to ROG- its private- and there you will see more info on low-cost PJs.
    While we love them the USA makers hate them and so , by default, do not like those who buy them- so we are not 100% WELCOME at the lasershow forum- & they are not all happy bout handhelds either-- so if you join keep that in mind.. dont list pointers in your sig there and NEVER post one for sale--EVER--
    so ROG was formed for those and other reasons- BTW once in --at the home page look right - about hald way up & find menu "group Tools' click add subscription-& the send email option- that way no new stuff gets added there w/o you knowing.

    The next PJ GB will be run entirely via ROG and I have info there now- it will take longer to fill as I have already done two -
    - three choices- for the next round-highest will be only $510-- WARNING PJs and lasershows are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE-- can cause empty wallet syndrome-- but so much more fun!!!
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